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Multi-Spark Cdi Red Ignition Box w/ Built-in Rev Limiter


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6AL Multi-Spark CDI Ignition Box

Built in Soft Touch Rev Limiter

This is a new Assault Racing Products 6AL multi-spark ignition box. Produces multiple sparks up to 3000 RPM through 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation. Incorporates both a built in rotary dial soft touch rev limiter plus a plug in for a 2 step RPM chip (not included). Soft Touch circuitry produces an accurate and smooth limit without loading up the cylinders or excessive back fires.

This box can be used on 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines equipped with a 12 volt, negative ground electrical system and can be triggered by electronic amplifiers, magnetic pickups, crank triggers, aftermarket distributors such as the Pro Billet series, and even applications with stock points. When used with a high performance coil, this unit produces a spark gap current 3X greater than most similar systems and almost 8X the spark of standard ignitions.

The 6AL incorporates the latest state of the art digital technology and uses capacitive discharge (CD) technology to produce a very high primary voltage. Built with a high quality transformer that is hand wound and instantly steps up the supply voltage from the battery and then stores this high voltage in a large capacitor. Once the ignition is triggered the capacitor releases all of this voltage to the coil so the primary voltage is at full power, whether at idle or up to 10,000 RPM.

Although designed for high performance street, race, or marine use, even the daily driver can benefit from improved starting, idle, throttle response, and more efficient fuel combustion. Rev limit function is not just an essential feature for all out racing engines but can be used as added insurance in any application. From drive line failure to missed shifts, set to prevent engine damage due to over revving. Turn the limit way down to even act as a theft deterrent (tough to make a quick getaway at low RPMs!)

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