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Small Block Chevy 8" Crank Trigger Kit


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Small Block Chevy 8" Crank Trigger Kit

Stable ignition timing is a necessity in performance engines. The ignition must be triggered at a precise time in relation to the position of the piston the compression stroke. However, think of all the mechanical stretching and flexing that takes place through the timing chain, gears and cam before the distributor pickup triggers the ignition. The crankshaft on the other hand, knows exactly where each piston is, plus it is the most stable component of the engine in relation to piston position. Thats why a crank trigger wheel and sensor kit is needed.

We use a non-magnetic pickup which gets triggered by powerful magnets that are embedded in the trigger wheel. The only way to trigger the ignition is when a magnet passes the pickup. This non-magnet pickup is securely held in position by CNC machined aluminum brackets. These brackets feature a long adjustment slot providing a large range of accurate timing adjustments. Plus, many of the brackets can be used on either side of the balancer for easy installation. Most kits are supplied with several spacers for different accessories and pulley systems.

Each magnet is pressed and then riveted into the wheel to handle the fierce rpm and vibration that high horsepower engines put out. By installing the magnets in the trigger wheel, we have done away with the chance of false triggering. As the engine is rotating, the magnets pass the non-magnetic pickup and create a signal that triggers the ignition. The magnets are the only thing that can trigger the ignition making it the most reliable and accurate way to trigger your ignition.

Note: These kits must be used with an ignition control box.


  • Billet bracket kit
  • Hall-effect sensor
  • Mounting hardware

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