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Telescopic Black Billet Aluminum Fuel Log 4150 Style


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Adjustable Billet Aluminum 4150/4500 Dual Feed Carburetor Fuel Log

These fuel logs are CNC-machined from high quality aluminum and black anodized for durability. They fit Holley 4150/4500 style carburetors. This fuel log will slide in and out making installation a breeze no more fighting the fuel log to fit the carb. Fuel log uses 3 o-rings to seal the tube this prevents any fuel from leaking. They come complete with fittings to attach them to the carburetor.

  • Material - Aluminum
  • Color - Black Anodized
  • Style - Adjustable for 4150/4500 style carburetors
  • Fitment - Telescopic and has socket assemblies that swivel (to clear intakes and throttle stops)
  • Inlet - -8AN
  • Rear port - Yes
  • Rear port size - -10AN plug included
  • Fuel gauge port - Yes
  • Fuel gauge port size - 1/8" NPT
  • Comes with fittings to attach to carb. and fuel bowl crush washers

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