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Big Block Chevy 1.7 Ratio 7/16" Polylocks Rocker Arms


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Sportsman Series Steel Roller Tip Rocker Arms

Big Block Chevy

1.7 Ratio 7/16 for Studs

Engine Applications

Model: Chevrolet 396-454
Years: 1966-2000


1.7 x 7/16" Stud Mount, Sportsman Series 4340 Steel, Includes Rocker Pivot Balls and Polylocks, Set of 16


Our Assault Racing Sportsman Series steel stud mount roller tip rocker arms are the ideal choice for a large cross section of engines; whether it is a mild street rebuild or the performance requirements of off-road, circle track, drag racing, or marine applications. The 4340 chromoly steel rocker bodies feature a longer pivot slot for higher lift camshafts and are much stronger than die-cast aluminum or stamped steel, minimizing rocker arm flex. The roller tip minimizes scrubbing (the result of the valve stem pushing hard against the valve guide), reducing friction and freeing up additional horsepower over stock rockers.

Benefits / Characteristics

  • Polylocks included, a superior solution to lock nuts
  • 4340 steel rocker bodies and heat-treated pivot balls
  • Features an elongated pivot slot for higher lift camshafts
  • Reduces friction, leading to additional horsepower
  • Rated at 350lbs open spring pressure
  • Stronger than die cast aluminum or stamped steel rocker bodies

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