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ARC C105 #1
ARC C105 #2

Small Block Chevy .508/.508 Lift Solid Camshaft


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Assault Racing Camshaft

Assault Cams use the highest-grade race quality cores available. All camshafts are 100% Rockwell checked and Parkerized to ensure the highest quality control standards available anywhere. Assault Cams are manufactured on dedicated high precision cam grinding machines. They are packaged and shipped in a unique, hard, high impact plastic reusable case, not some cheap cardboard box. This ensures that the high quality camshaft that went into the case, comes out in the same condition, when delivered, as when it was packed.

  • Ground from the highest-grade race-quality cores
  • 100% Rockwell checked
  • Parkerized
  • Individually ground, no mass-production here
  • Includes High Quality Assembly Lube
Part Number
Duration @ .050" Advertised Duration Lift w/ 1.5:1 Rockers Lobe Separation Valve Lash
Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust
ARC C105 251 248 298 294 .508 .508 106 .030/.030 Hobby Stock 9:1 355CID 3600-7000 RPM

Camshaft is designed for a Hobby Stock or engine running on a 355 and 9:1 compression rule. Optimum Power band of 3600-7000 RPM. All you street bracket racers know that circle track camshafts make the most horsepower and provide for the best acceleration in your small block Chevy.