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Chevy V8 Red Ignition Kit W/ Vacuum Distributor, Ignition Box, Coil


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Small/Big Block Chevy Ignition Kit

Pro Billet Vacuum Advance Distributor, Ignition Box, Coil

Red Kit

This is our Assault Racing "Pro" Chevy V8 electronic ignition kit. Fits both small block and big block Chevy engines (except tall block) 262-496ci V8 Engines. We've combined the best units Assault Racing has to offer into one kit.

This kit is designed for everything from street, strip, and circle track applications. Together they form an excellent high performance ignition system at a resonable price. Powerful spark from 0 - 9000 RPM. Performance and installation is similar to ignitions costing many times more than what we are offering this for!

Kit includes:

Pro Billet Distributor

  • Vacuum advance
  • Adjustable slip collar
  • Billet 6061-T6 CNC machined shaft
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • 1/2" hardened steel shaft
  • Magnetic pickup
  • Small base and cap for space savings
  • Brass cap and rotor terminals
  • Precision machined reluctor
  • Chromoly gear for cast or billet cams

Assault 6AL Multi-Spark CDI Ignition Box

  • Produces mulitple sparks between 0 and 3000 RPM
  • Powerful capacitor discharge
  • Can be triggered by magnetic, points, and crank trigger pickups
  • Includes soft touch rev limiter, no chip needed
  • Produces spark gap current 3X similar systems, 8X the spark of std. ignitions
  • Plugin for 2 Step RPM Chip (Chip not included)

Assault Racing High Output E-Core Coil (2041D)

  • Large gauge windings for maximum current capacity
  • "E-Core" technology for 70% more spark energy than stock coils
  • 50,000V
  • Screw on connectors for decrease arcing
  • Excellent heat dissipation from power robbing heat build-up
  • Primary resistance 0.35 ohm
  • Secondary resistance 8.5K ohm
  • Turn Ratio 100:1

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