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High Output Black Ignition Coil 50k Volts 0.35 Ohm Resistance


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High Output Ignition Coil


Our new high output super ignition coils feature "E-Core" technology that produces up to 70% more spark energy than stock coils with outstanding reliability! These coils are recommended for street, strip, circle track racing, and drag racing. We'd even throw one in a rock crawler or mud truck!

Internally, these coils have heavy gauge wire windings for maximum spark current and voltage with better heat dissipation at high RPM. High voltage arcing is minimized through screw-on connectors and a high tension tower. Ideal for use with capacitive discharge CD ignition systems (Mallory, MSD, Crane, etc).

  • Primary Resistance: 0.35 Ohm
  • Secondary Resistance: 8.5K Ohm
  • Turn Ratio: 100:1
  • Peak Current: 260mA
  • Max Voltage: 50,000V

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