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Machined Polished Carburetor Spacer - 2" Thick With 4 Hole Center


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2" Billet Polished Aluminum Carburetor Spacer

CNC Tapered Port

This is a new CNC tapered port aluminum polished carb. spacer. Fits all popular square bore 4 barrel carburetors 4150 Style with 1 11/16" throttle blades. Combines the best of both 4 hole and open spacer properties to produce increased flow, HP, and torque. Comes with one 4-hole gasket, one open-hole gasket, four carb. studs w/ nuts and washers.

  • Between 10-30 typical bolt-on HP
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased flow
  • Increased torque
  • Lightweight design
  • Works for drag, street, oval, towing, marine
  • Works over the entire RPM range

Lightweight design plus advanced CNC machined tapered ports make this spacer a must have. As the port transitions down from the 4 holes airflow and fuel distribution are enhanced, slowing velocity and smoothing entry into the intake runners. Part throttle and full throttle response is improved throughout the entire RPM range (machined taper side goes towards intake).

We've used these type of spacers in the past costing nearly $200 from a major name and always saw consistent results on the dyno. With our new spacer not only will you get similar results but save a ton of money!

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