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ARC V4401 #1


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Fabricated Aluminum Polished Valve Covers

Polished, "Long" Bolt Style


 New pair of fabricated aluminum valve covers for big block Mopars. 

Fits R/RB series Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth factory heads on 383, 400, 413, 426W, and 440s with 6 valve cover bolts.  Has 4 through cover long bolts (included) in the middle holes. 2 outside will use short bolts (not included).  Has driver's side breather in front for A body master cylinder clearance!  Uses Grommet Kit C

Height - 3 3/8"
Powder coated
Long middle bolts - add slight inside clearance
Fully TIG welded aluminum cover
Thick 1/4" billet rail
1 1/4" dia. breather hole per cover
Front driver's breather hole
  • Similar covers are $$$$


Please note:

1. these have the driver's side breather in front for A body master cylinder clearance however the front corner on distributor side may not allow clearance for large housing distributors

2. aftermarket heads with valve cover bolts at a different angle than factory iron heads can cause long middle bolts to bind and prevent covers from seating correctly on gasket rail

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